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Citrio is a simple, fast and handy web browser based on the Chromium engine
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Citrio is a simple, fast and handy web browser based on the Chromium engine, therefore very similar in many aspects to the well-known Google Chrome browser. This also means that it packs the many advantages that made Google Chrome the most used web browser in the world. For example, Citrio is also very fast, ensuring smooth and enjoyable browsing and offering responsive plugins and a very quick startup time.

Citrio offers antimalware and anti-phishing features next to many other privacy and security functions. It also supports extensions, being not only customizable but also extendable. The look of Citrio also resembles the one of Google Chrome quite a lot, with only small differences.

Anyway, all this doesn’t mean that Citrio is just another Google Chrome clone. It might be quite similar, but it also has its own, specific enhancements. For example, by default it includes a powerful downloading feature that allows you to download videos from online services with ease. Besides the powerful video downloader, Citrio also offers an integrated torrent client and a handy proxy switching widget.

To sum it all up, if you enjoy Google Chrome’s many advantages yet you feel you want something a bit different, you should give Citrio a try. There’s a chance it will perfectly fit your needs.

Margie Smeer
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  • Lightweight and neat
  • Offers fast browsing speed
  • Includes a handy download manager and video downloading tool


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