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Citrio is a free web browser with intelligent download manager
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Citrio is a browser one learns to like as time goes by. It's a rather simple freeware browsing solution with a couple of advantages that are not really special, but make the experience as pleasant as it goes.

The appeal starts right at the first page you open. Citrio is a very pretty browser, with bright orange colors and lovely interface design giving it a comfy friendly look some of us might be looking for in a browser you stare it for most of your day.

But it's not just the design that appeals to users. Citrio is fast and stable, maybe not the fastest browser in existence, but I found no reason to complain. What I especially liked was the built-in download manager. Instead of releasing this feature as a downloadable extension of a plug-in, Citrio developers made it available by default, and the functionality for downloads is great. You can download any file directly, pause and resume downloads or use a download accelerator that will make the download process faster by five times. To top it off, this browser also has a torrent client with full functionality, making it unnecessary to use separate applications. Both types of downloaded files can be accessed directly from the browser.

Another thing to commend in Citrio is its built-in privacy protection. The browser is regularly updated to block any malware or phishing programs from accessing your personal data. It's not a full-fledged web protection suite, but still, having an additional layer never hurts.

Overall, Citrio is a friendly, useful and beautiful browser. It's not as big as the major players like Chrome or Firefox, but with its built-in features and great potential for further development aided by available extensions, this little browser has a bright future ahead of it.

James Lynch
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  • Ligh and fast
  • Built-in download manager
  • Built-in torrent client
  • Privacy protection


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